If you are scheduled to do any of the following Acolyte, Lector, Usher, or Communion Assistant, we are counting on you to be here. If you are unable to attend, please contact someone to fill in for you and let the church office know so we can update the schedule. Thank you.

Acolyte Schedule

Sunday, September 19th - 9:00am Claudia Retzlaff

                                           10:45am Brynn Smith

Sunday, September 26th - 9:00am Kylie Smith

                                           10:45am Olivia Tantillo

Sunday, October 3rd - 9:00am Allie Harrison

                                     10:45am Vincent Sussino


Sunday, September 19th - 9:00am Janet Carey

                                           10:45am Carl Caminske

Sunday, September 26th - 9:00am Guy Gourlay

                                           10:45am Chichi Ochei

Sunday, October 3rd - 9:00am Marilyn Jaeger

                                     10:45am Heather Schmidke

Communion Assistants

Sunday, September 19th - 9:00am Bill Bambina

                                           10:45am Carl Caminske

Sunday, September 26th - 9:00am Joe Cirrone

                                           10:45am Patrick Ochie

Sunday, October 3rd - 9:00am Ken Mertz

                                     10:45am Thom Brownworth


Team 1 (9:00am service) - Joe Cirrone, George Harsch, Ken Mertz, Mark Jones, Tom Robertson; possible - Chuck Bell

Team 2 (10:45am service) - Carl Caminske, Wayne Mechow, Patrick Ochei, Guy Gourlay;
possible - Brian McGinley, Ken Kienzle